What does the driver's license cost?

NOK 1 500
Basic traffic course for everyone under 25 years old
NOK 21 450
Mandatory courses for those over 25
(Excluding the practical test and fees to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration)
NOK 1 650
Driving lesson 90 min
Our rates
Step 1
Three evenings of theory + one day of first aid course
NOK 1 500
3 hours
NOK 1 000
2 hours og 15 min
NOK 2 000
Step 2
90 min
NOK 750
90 min
NOK 1 650
Trinn 4
4 hours
NOK 4 500
2 hours, 30 min
Practical driving test and warm-up, Tromsø
NOK 2 500
2 hours, 30 min
NOK 4 000
Fees to the
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
These are the prices if you pay online in advance.
Read more at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration here.
Theory test
NOK 350
Practical driving test
NOK 1 010
Issuing of driving license
NOK 90
Photo on driving license
NOK 70

Great experience with Kör! Very clear and transparent learning process, no 'hidden' payments, and amazing instructors :) Thank you for helping me to become a better driver: amazing investment for my and my family's safety.

Took his driver's license with Kör

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