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Kör Driving School in Oslo gives you a full overview of your driving education. We pick you up where you are – book a time and place in the app.
What do we offer
Category B - Automatic- and manual transmission
How many instructors in Oslo
20 instructors
Where do we drive in Oslo
We drive throughout Oslo with our head office at Brobekkveien 80, Risløkka

Meet our instructors in Oslo

  • Adeel Butt
    Area manager and driving instructor in Oslo
    I go to the spa almost every Monday.
  • Ahmed Amin
    Driving instructor in Oslo and Nordre Follo
    I love the beach, traveling, Porsche and Ferrari.
  • Alf-Einar Aspenes
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    I sometimes talk to strangers because I think I know them. I usually do not notice it until far into the conversation.
  • Anne Kirstin Korsfur
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    When I took the motorcycle test, I speeded instead of braking. I went sideways on the asphalt and landed in front of the examiner. I got up and said I would be back in four weeks to take the test again.
  • Faisal Awan
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    FC Barcelona is in my blood.

  • Haithem Hamdi
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    Haithem has been instructor for 4 years, and is originally from Morocco and Sweden. He speaks 4 languages; french, arabic, english and Swedish.

    Haithem is a big fan of Football and his favourite team is Manchester City.
  • Ingve Gran
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    I am the second best Gollum in the world, only after Andy Serkis.
  • Jan Elm
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    Jan has previous experience as a driving instructor and school teacher in Sweden. We greatly appreciate his curiosity and positive attitude.
  • Jarle Nordahl
    Driving instructor in Oslo/Lillestrøm
    Got my first license in the US driver, and have background in the IT industry. On my spare time I train German shepherds. Pancakes with syrup are my guilty pleasure!
  • Jonny Bakken
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    I love motorcycle riding and have two bikes of my own!
  • Kolbjørn Gabrielsen
    Driving instructor in Oslo, Asker and Bærum
    I am very good at being nice.
  • Marcus Vik
    Driving instructor in Oslo, Asker and Bærum
    I have had a breakdance show at Chateau Neuf.
  • Maryam Tahir
    Driving instructor in Oslo and Lillestrøm
    After taking a medical secretary education for three years, I realized that I wanted to become a traffic instructor.
  • Nasim Javeed
    Driving instructor in Bærum and Oslo
    I am a family man, and my three kids are my best friends. When I can sneak away from work and parenting duties, I try to hit the gym and work on getting myself into shape!
  • Omar Ali Mohammed
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    I love football and Arsenal is my team!
  • Osman Yilmaz
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    I love everything that has to do with motorcycles.
  • Sajid Khan
    Driving instructor in Bærum and Oslo
    I've worked as a driving instructor for a decade, and I live in Lier. Besides speaking Spanish fluently, I'm also taking on a new challenge - mastering Portuguese!
  • Shahid Zaman
    Driving instructor in Oslo and Lillestrøm
    I know seven different languages.
  • Stig-Arne Graven
    Academic supervisor and Driving instructor in Oslo
    I helped start a paraglider club at Bardufoss.
  • Syed Bokhari
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    I am the king of the basketball court.
  • Tahir Iqbal
    Driving instructor in Oslo and Lillestrøm
    I can certainly not sing, and I play cricket once in a while.

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    I have been very satisfied with Kör. They have many good driving instructors who help you and facilitate you to reach your goal. They give good and understandable feedback, so that you develop. Very happy with Kör, and would recommend it to everyone!
    Frida Midtskog Amundsen
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