Driver's license category B

4.1.4 Reflection and summary

Lesson 90 min
In this section, you will reflect and share your experiences both from the safety courses and and the other parts of the training with other students and instructors. It can be challenging to remember events and experiences, it is therefore important that you have kept notes and that it does not take too long between 4.1.3 Final driving in traffic and 4.1.4 Reflection and summary. You will be challenged on concepts such as driver competence and risk appetite, and assessment of your own driver competence. Finally, you must decide on your own strengths and weaknesses as drivers and your development opportunities.
What you should know
  1. share experiences with classmates and .
  2. describe and justify your own choices and driving methods
  3. assess your own strengths and weaknesses as drivers and select areas with development opportunities.
  4. evaluate and take a position on different solutions in a given problem.
The course takes place in a classroom. Bring all the notes from both safety courses, and meet precisely!
The course requires that you have completed 4.1.1. Risks Involved in Driving, 4.1.2. Driving on country roads and 4.1.3 Final driving in traffic.
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