Driver's license category B

Safety course on practice track

Lesson 260 min
Safety course on practice track is mandatory for everyone who wants a driver’s license category B. The course will help you develop your competence in avoiding accidents, e.g. through exercises that can not be demonstrated on the road. The course is completed towards the end of step 3 and is normally completed with two students.

The course lasts 180 min. With two students, it will last 260 min.
What you should know
Through experience, you will further develop your competence in acting so that accidents are avoided.
You must learn to secure people and cargo and understand how the car's braking and steering options are affected by the driver's driving style and the car's equipment.
You should be aware that your driving style can determine whether you lose or maintain control of the vehicle. This means that you as a driver must know how to avoid losing grip and to further develop your competence on how various driver support systems can be helpful if something unexpected arises. You will also learn about securing cargo and people in the car, which is your responsibility as a driver.
Familiarize yourself with the course goals and be prepared to meet other students for discussions about traffic safety.
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