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The easiest way to your driving license

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Meet our driving instructors in Asker and Bærum

  • Adeel Butt
    Area manager and academic supervisor
    I go to the spa almost every Monday
  • Kolbjørn Gabrielsen
    Driving instructor
    I'm good at being nice!
  • Marcus Vik
    Driving instructor
    I have performed a break dance show at Chateau Neuf!
  • Nasim Javeed
    Driving instructor
    I am a family man, and my three kids are my best friends. When I can sneak away from work and parenting duties, I try to hit the gym and work on getting myself into shape!
  • Sajid Khan
    Driving instructor
    I've worked as a driving instructor for a decade, and I live in Lier. Besides speaking Spanish fluently, I'm also taking on a new challenge - mastering Portuguese!
  • Stig-Arne Graven
    Academic specialist

    I co-founded a paraglider club at Bardufoss.

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The Traffic blog

    What our students say about us
    Øyunn Krogh
    I am so happy that I chose to get my driver's license with Kör. It has been very convenient to book lessons, follow up on feedback, and keep track of the process through the app. The driving instructors have been very skilled and nice people to deal with.

    I have received good feedback and felt confident behind the wheel. In my first driving lesson, I set a goal with the instructor, and I managed to achieve it! (translated from Norwegian)
    Stine Foss
    Google review
    An extremely easy way to get the driver's license is with Kör driving school. They have a smart app where you can book and cancel driving lessons, have an overview of where you are in the driver's education and good feedback after every lesson. They have incredibly nice and skilled driving instructors who want you to be a good and safe driver. If you want to take the driver's license in a fast, safe and efficient way, I highly recommend Kör! ⭐️ (translated from Norwegian)
    Google review
    The journey so far has been excellent with a high standard and many good instructors. The idea that the app gave me a good overview made the whole user experience much easier. You can book lessons, see your progress, choose a pick-up location and use many other actions. For my part, the app was a win and Kör is one of the few in Norway that operates with such a solution.

    I wish you as a reader, an equally pleasant journey, you will not regret it at all. Ask as many questions as possible, feel free to talk to the instructors and give good effort in your work and you will do just fine! (translated from Norwegian)
    Frida Midtskog Amundsen
    Google review
    I have been very happy with Kör. They have many good driving instructors who help you and facilitate you to reach your goal. They provide good and understandable feedback which helped me develop. I am very happy with Kör and would recommend it to anyone! (translated from Norwegian)
    Vamsi Krishna
    Google review
    I'm so happy to announce that I got my driver's license with Kör. It has been a fantastic journey with all the instructors and employees at Kör. Very flexible, friendly and provides good knowledge and training to drive. Many thanks to Kör for good help and support throughout the process.

    If you want to get your driver's license, I recommend Kör! (translated from Norwegian)
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