Good News!

Split payment, interest-free

Pay your license over 6 months
If you prepay your program with Kör, you save 5 % on the entire amount. We have partnered up with SVEA Finans, and give everyone the opportunity to take advantage of the discount – SVEA pays in advance for you, and you pay back over six months for only 599,- completely interest-free!
After you have completed the intro lesson (the first driving lesson), you will receive a personal program in the app. The program shows you which mandatory courses you need, and an estimate of how many driving hours you need before you’re ready to take the exam. And best of all – you get a 5% discount on the entire driver’s licence if you pay everything at once. This means that you have the opportunity thousands of kroner.

But what if the piggy bank is empty and the salary comes later this month? Don’t worry about it – in the Kör app you now have the opportunity to split the amount interest-free, and pay over six months – and still be able to use the discount.

How does it work work?
Once you have received the offer for your personal program in the app, select "Split payment, interest-free" in the payment options. Enter your contact details and social security number, and you will find out if you qualify for partial payment. Confirm with bank ID. For an establishment fee of 599,- the invoice is divided into six equal parts, which you pay over six months. No interest, no term fee - it doesn’t get better than that.
The discount is only for a limited period.
* To qualify, you must be over 20 years old, have an income of over 200,000 on the last tax return, and not have any payment remarks.
** Establishment fee of NOK 599 will be added. This will be added to the first invoice you receive.
What are you waiting for?
Download the app and begin your journey towards your driver’s licence today!