Driver's license category B

Driving in the dark

Lesson 135 min
Driving in the dark is a mandatory course that is about being a driver in the dark. The course includes a demonstration in an area with little or no traffic, then a demonstration by car on the road in real traffic situations. The remaining time is used for summary and reflection with classmates and instructors in the classroom.

The course is only held approximately from October - March.
If you are under 25 years old you must have completed this course to be able to practice driving in the period November 1st to March 15th.
Realize, by means of demonstrations outdoors and in a vehicle, how traffic accidents in the dark can be avoided by

a. observing and experiencing causal relations in typical accidents taking place in the dark, and having a basis for assessing risk when driving in the dark
b. discussing what we can do as road users to reduce the risk when driving in the dark
c. discussing the correct use of lights and other behavior when driving, parking and making emergency stops in the dark.

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