Meet the Kör team!

Meet our instructors

  • Adeel Butt
    Area manager and driving instructor in Oslo
    I go to the spa almost every Monday.
  • Ahmed Amin
    Driving instructor in Oslo and Nordre Follo
    I love the beach, traveling, Porsche and Ferrari.
  • Alf-Einar Aspenes
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    I sometimes talk to strangers because I think I know them. I usually do not notice it until far into the conversation.
  • Anne Kirstin Korsfur
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    When I took the motorcycle test, I speeded instead of braking. I went sideways on the asphalt and landed in front of the examiner. I got up and said I would be back in four weeks to take the test again.
  • Faisal Awan
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    FC Barcelona is in my blood.

  • Haithem Hamdi
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    Haithem has been instructor for 4 years, and is originally from Tunisia and Sweden. He speaks 4 languages; french, arabic, english and Swedish.

    Haithem is a big fan of Football and his favourite team is Manchester City.
  • Ingve Gran
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    I am the second best Gollum in the world, only after Andy Serkis.
  • Jan Elm
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    Jan also has experience from Sweden, both as a driving instructor and school teacher. In his spare time, he enjoys keeping fit. We greatly appreciate Janne's curiosity and positive mood.
  • Jarle Nordahl
    Driving instructor in Oslo/Lillestrøm
    Got my first license in the US driver, and have background in the IT industry. On my spare time I train German shepherds. Pancakes with syrup are my guilty pleasure!
  • John-Erik Aspenes
    Area manager and Driving instructor in Tromsø
    I play double bass, harmonica, bass, guitar, organ, ukulele, drums and recorder. I also sing.
  • Jonny Bakken
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    I love motorcycle riding and have two bikes of my own!
  • Kolbjørn Gabrielsen
    Driving instructor in Oslo, Asker and Bærum
    I am very good at being nice.
  • Lene Fugleberg
    Driving instructor in Tromsø
    I love driving my motorcycle!
  • Marcus Vik
    Driving instructor in Oslo, Asker and Bærum
    I have had a breakdance show at Chateau Neuf.
  • Maryam Tahir
    Driving instructor in Oslo and Lillestrøm
    After taking a medical secretary education for three years, I realized that I wanted to become a traffic instructor.
  • Nasim Javeed
    Driving instructor in Bærum and Oslo
    I am a family man, and my three kids are my best friends. When I can sneak away from work and parenting duties, I try to hit the gym and work on getting myself into shape!
  • Osman Yilmaz
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    I love everything that has to do with motorcycles.
  • Sajid Khan
    Driving instructor in Drammen
    I've worked as a driving instructor for a decade, and I live in Lier. Besides speaking Spanish fluently, I'm also taking on a new challenge - mastering Portuguese!
  • Stig-Arne Graven
    Academic supervisor and Driving instructor in Oslo
    I helped start a paraglider club at Bardufoss.
  • Syed Bokhari
    Driving instructor in Oslo
    I am the king of the basketball court.
  • Tahir Iqbal
    Driving instructor in Oslo and Lillestrøm
    I can certainly not sing, and I play cricket once in a while.

Meet the rest of the team

  • Jens Kristian Tøraasen
    Development lead

    I have a diploma from a sausage course with Leiv Vidar and I love gangster rap.

  • Øyvind Holm-Johnsen
    I took the driver´s license three days after my 18th birthday. My first car was a Golf GTI.
  • Pouria Ruhi
    I failed on my first practical driving test, but the examiner should see me parallel park now!
  • Siavash Shahkarami

    I have been a goalkeeper for a long time, and considers myself the best one in Groruddalen. 

  • Henrik Bastiansen
    Trainee, sales and marketing
  • Taqy Yousef
    Operations and customer support