Driver's license category B

4.1.3 Final driving in Traffic - Planning and driving in a varied traffic environment

Lesson 360 min
In this lesson, you and another student have planned a trip that will take place in a varied traffic environment.
What you should know
  1. use appropriate aids to be able to describe, explain and justify possible conditions and take them into account.
  2. drive independently over longer distances in a changing environment that varies in road standard and between typical country road, urban and urban environment.
  3. be able to justify action choices in the aftermath of a situation
  4. take notes
The trip must be planned in advance. You will receive the necessary documents from us, and you will be put in touch with another student. Arrive early and bring something to drink and eat, as the course lasts a while. The course requires that you have completed 4.1.1. Risks Involved in Driving and 4.1.2. Driving on Country Roads
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