Driver's license category B

End-of-step 2 assessment

Lesson 60 min
End-of-step 2 assessment is a mandatory step on the way to the driver’s license. You and the traffic instructor assess whether you are ready to go to the next step in the training (Step 3). The lesson includes a discussion before and after the practical driving.
What you should know
After completing step 2, you must have the competence necessary to benefit from traffic training in step 3. You must have such good driving skills that attention can be shifted from your own vehicle to the traffic picture and interaction with other drivers.

Throughout the step, you will discuss your own motivation and willingness to apply knowledge and skills acquired through the step.

You should evaluate your own skill in using, and discover deficiencies in the car.

  1. Explain the rules for driving licenses and traffic training, and the basic ideas in the training in class B
  2. Explain the car's structure with safety and the environment in mind
  3. Explain the owner's and user's responsibility for the vehicle's condition and use, financial responsibility, public reactions and duties in the event of a traffic accident
  4. Explain driving with a trailer
  5. Explain human capacity and traffic requirements, including intoxicants, drugs and driving
  6. Get ready to drive
  7. Perform start-up and stop, gearing, steering, braking and reversing in varied terrain
  8. Master basic vehicle handling in low traffic areas
  9. Perform current safety inspection of the car.
Read theory and go through the comments from previous driving lessons and practice driving privately if you have the opportunity. Previous comments can be found under progress in the app.

If you don’t have a car to practice in, we’re renting out two of ours with an extra pedal set. Read more here.

You can also practice the theory in our app. Download here.
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