Driver's license category B

4.1.2. Driving on country roads

Lesson 225 min
In this part of the training, the road's standard, curvature, visibility conditions and traffic volume will vary. Your ability to interpret information, describe the environment, apply a precise driving technique and choose safe traffic solutions must be challenged. Experiences and logging from this part of the course form the basis for the training in 4.1.3. Final Driving in Traffic
What you should know
  1. practice driving on the road
  2. identify and describe the traffic environment, anticipate possible risk factors.
  3. apply precise driving technique
  4. experience situations with risk
  5. experience meeting situations and to be passed by other cars
  6. take notes
Bring something to drink and eat. To complete this course you must have completed 4.1.1. Risks Involved in Driving.
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