Are you on top of the safety check? Here is the safety check for the category B driver's license in Norway

You may think all the theoretical stuff is over as soon as you pass the theory exam. That you’ll pass the driving test with ease, as long as you master the clutch and check the rearview mirror every now and then. Think again! In the driving test for category B, there is one final challenge - the safety check.

The driving test for category B is divided into three parts: preparation of the vehicle, the safety check, and the actual driving.

Preparing the vehicle is about being able to adjust the seat, mirror and steering wheel correctly, know how to turn on the wipers, regulate heat in the passenger compartment and other important aspects of the car's features.

The safety check takes place before the driving starts. The examiner will usually only ask you one question from the list, but sometimes they have follow-up questions.

Important topics to memorize are weights/cargo, brakes, tires, lights, steering and other miscellaneous knowledge - you can for example be asked to find and set up the warning triangle.

We have collected all the safety check questions with answers and examples, and divided them into categories, so that it is easier for you to understand and carry out the safety check in your final driving test.

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