Driver's license category B

What is a program?

Save money on your driving license by pre-purchasing your driving lessons
All students are drifferent
Are you ready to start your journey on the road? At Kör, we understand that drivers come from different backgrounds and have varied prior experiences; therefore our intro lesson will help us personalize a program tailored just for you. This assessment ensures that each driving lesson provides the necessary tools best possible prepare you for the practical exam.

What does a program contain?
The program contains the number of driving lessons that the driving instructor estimates you need to be ready for the practical test, including all mandatory lessons. Your program assumes that alongside professional tuition and guidance, you have put in effort into practicing privately - thereby refining each lesson's teachings for ultimate success.

Get the program right in the app
Start your journey to becoming a driver now and save up to NOK 2,500. When you sign-up for the program we offer after the first lesson is taken, pay everything in one go and receive an extra 5% discount on top! We also provide payment plans if paying all at once isn't feasible – head here for more information.

Try us for 30 days
Enjoy the confidence and flexibility of our 30-day cancellation and refund policy. If you're unsatisfied with your purchase within this period, let us know—we'll provide a full reimbursement for any unused lessons. However, fees or interest charged by Riverty or SVEA are non-refundable.

We will refund the unused driving lessons
With us, you never need to worry about over payments! Our convenient reimbursement policy ensures that all unused lessons will be credited back with the completion of your training and successful passing of the driving test.
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