Kör Trafikkskole

Next stop Tromsø!

We are proud to say that we have expanded to Tromsø, with offices at Alfheim Stadion! After establishing two hubs in the south, we got restless and decided to drive north. We cannot wait to meet new students and explore the majestic nature together in the Paris of the North!

To celebrate our new hub, we will offer a 30% discount on all driving lessons booked in Tromsø until December 1st. Use the code “TROMSO" when booking in the app!

To get 30% on the entire driver's license, you must pay all the driving lessons you need in advance. You do this by first completing an assessment lesson, then your traffic instructor will tailor a program for you which you will receive in the app. Pay for the program with the discount code.

We only drive with automatic transmission in Tromsø.

We drive on Tromsøya and on the mainland on both sides. In the west we drive from Eidkjosen to Finnes, and in the east we drive from Gammelgården to Kroken.

What exactly is Kör?
Kör is a driving school that makes the road to your driver's license smoother. We've created an app that allows you to book driving lessons, pay, follow your progress, get feedback from your instructor and much more! No more telephone calls, drop-ins and treks to obscure locations for a driving lesson!

How does Kör work?
After downloading the Kör app from App Store or Google Play, you can book your assessment lesson. You decide when and where we'll pick you up. After your assessment lesson, you will receive a suggested personal program according to your level and experience in the app.

Download the app and get started!
Book driving lessons, get feedback from your instructors, follow your progress, practice the theory and more - all in one app!