Kör Trafikkskole

Free driving lessons and
NOK 5,000 off on the driver's license!

The offer applies in the areas of Kolbotn, Oppegård, Langhus, Ski and Vinterbro.
Book lessons in the app
No phone calls required to book or cancel lessons. You do everything yourself in the app.
No waiting list
We do not operate with a waiting list – all students are welcome. Our instructors have good capacity!
Choose your pick up location
Choose where you want the driving lesson to start in the app. You can also end wherever you want. How about starting at home and finishing at school?

The first 30 will get a free intro lesson!

Use the discount code "FOLLO22" when you book the lesson in the app. Remember that we only offer automatic transmissions in this area.

Are you satisfied and want to continue?

If you are satisfied with your intro lesson, we offer you a NOK 5,000 discount on the entire driver's license! Use the discount code "IGANG" when you buy your program in the app.

Remember that we also offer 6 months of interest-free partial payment of the driver's license. Find out more here.

*The discount applies to programs that has a costs over NOK 20,000.

This is how it works

Download the Kör app
Download from App Store or Google Play
Book and complete the intro lesson
This is your first 90 min driving lesson where you are introduced to Kör and the instructors looks at your skills. You decide time and place for your lesson.
See which areas we drive in here.
Receive your program
After the lesson, you will receive a personal program in the app that contains all the mandatory courses you must have and a number of driving lessons the driving instructor assumes you need based on your level. You will also see an estimate of how much the driver's license will cost.
Pre-pay and get NOK 5 000 in discount
Once you have received your program you can prepay and get the discount! Use the discount code "IGANG" when you pay for the program in the app.

Where is our pick-up locations?

We drive in the upper part of Nordre Follo – Kolbotn, Oppegård, Langhus, Ski and Vinterbro.
Kör can be found in several Norwegian cities.
Remember that as a Kör student you can choose to start your next lesson at all our locations without any extra cost. See all the places we drive here.

Why choose Kör Driving School?

We have made the way to your driver's license easier. We have developed an app where you as a student book lessons, choose a time and pick-up location, track your practice-driving, practice the theory and much more!
Take a look at how Kör works step by step here.
Download the Kör app
Book driving lessons in the app and start on your driver's license!