Kör Trafikkskole

desember 15th 2021

Christmas Offer

Book your first driving lesson for 500kr (ordinary price 750kr)

Do you need to get started with the drivers license? With the discount code "JUL21" you get a 250kr discount on the assessment lesson. Book the lesson in the app. The offer lasts until December 31st.

In the assessment lesson, you will be introduced to Kör and the traffic instructor assess your driving skills. After the lesson, you will receive a personal program in the app all the lessons the instructor estimated that you need to get your driver's license . The lesson lasts 90 minutes and is required for all new students.

What exactly is Kör?
Kör is a driving school that makes the road to your driver's license a smoother. We've created an app that allows you to book driving lessons, pay, follow your progress, get feedback from your instructor and much more! No more telephone calls, drop-ins and treks to obscure locations for a driving lesson!

How does Kör work?
After downloading the Kör app from App Store or Google Play, you can book your assessment lesson. You decide when and where we'll pick you up. After your assessment lesson, you will receive a suggested personal program according to your level and experience in the app.