Basic observation techniques

The 5 rules of observation

When it comes to safe driving, the use of your sight is paramount. By following the five simple rules of observation, you'll be able to take in all the information you need while on the road. In this blog post, we'll discuss each rule and how it can help you stay safe behind the wheel. Keep these tips in mind and you'll be a better driver in no time!
Look far ahead
You should perceive situations as early as possible, so that you can adapt your driving well in advance. It is also easier to stabilise the course of the car and place it correctly in your lane if you look far ahead.
Move your gaze
Moving your gaze is important for gathering information. When we increase the speed of the car, it is more difficult to see what is happening in the side view, and it is easy to get tunnel vision. Move your eyes often, especially at high speeds. That way it is easier to get all the necessary information.
Get an overview
Get an overview of the entire traffic situation you are in at any given time. Basically, you should be able to predict what will happen the next 10 seconds. Look far ahead and move your gaze. That way you will get a comprehensive overview.
Be seen and understood
Drive so that other drivers can understand what you plan to do as much as possible, and can take it into account. Show where you are going by getting in the right lane as early as possible, indicate and adjust your speed well in advance.
Always look for a solution / resort

Unforeseen events and dangerous situations can always occur. If something unexpected happens, you should have a solution ready. Maybe you need to accelerate to escape a dangerous situation or maybe you need to perform a quick evasive maneuver?

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