Choose the payment method that works best for you

With Kör you can pay for your lessons now, or later. You choose.

With Kör you get full flexibility. That's why we offer several different payment methods when you pay for your lessons or program.
Looking for a hassle-free way to pay for your driving lesson or program? Look no further than Vipps. As long as you have funds in your account or on your credit card and the Vipps app remembers your phone number, you're good to go.

Simply book your lesson, select Vipps as your payment option, and voila! You'll be behind the wheel of one of our cars before you know it.

Keep an eye out for the "Card, Vipps or Invoice" option in the app.
Payment card
Pay quickly and securely with Visa or Mastercard using our app. You know the drill! Simply add your card details and get ready to go.

Look for the "Pay with Card, Vipps, or Invoice" option in the app to easily make your payment.
Invoice from Riverty
Are you itching to plan and book multiple driving lessons, but your paycheck won't hit your bank account until next week? Don't despair! Our partner Riverty offers fee-free invoice payments, allowing you to book your lessons and pay within 14 days. Just remember to pay before the deadline to avoid any late fees and interest charges.

If you qualify for Riverty's invoicing, you'll see the option when you select "Card, Vipps, or Invoice" in the app.
Split payments over 3, 6 or 12 months with Riverty
Did you know that you have the option to split your payments for individual lessons or programs? Keep in mind that this may end up being more expensive for you as a student.

With Riverty's solution, you can choose a repayment period of up to 12 months!

If you qualify for partial payments through Riverty, you'll see the option after selecting "Card, Vipps or Invoice" in the app.
Are you planning your dream vacation, but also need to get your driver's license? With SVEA's payment plan, you can spread the cost of your driving lessons over six months with zero interest.

Not only that, but if you choose to prepay for the entire program, you'll get a discount! The only fee is a one-time establishment fee of 599 NOK, added to your first invoice.

To take advantage of this payment plan, simply select "Split payment, interest-free" in the app.
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