Elton x Kör driving school
Exclusive offer only for Kör students!
Get a 30% charging discount with Elton when you pass the driving test with Kör
Elton and Kör swipe right and give you easier cheaper electric car charging.
You'll probably want to get your license with Kör because you value our solutions that make it easy to book lessons, pickup where you are, flexibility in payment solutions, the ability to follow your own progression and receive feedback from teachers, and much more.

And now, we want to make life even easier for you who have gotten your license with Kör, also as you begin your life as a motorist.

One charging app to rule them all.

Say goodbye to all charging apps and chips and the hassle when you need to charge on the road. With Elton, you can easily plan, charge, and pay across companies in a single app. They actually have the best charging coverage in the Nordics with over 45,000 charging stations! In the app, you can also easily customize your driving route with charging stops, battery data from your car, and weather conditions taken into account. And if you're wondering when your favorite charging pole will be available, you can find the answer in the Elton app. In true Kör spirit, Elton makes the difficult easy, simply put!

30% discount on all charging for 3 months.

All Kör students who have passed the driving test will be able to charge their car at all charging stations supported by the Elton app with a 30% discount.

Here's how you activate the discount:

  1. Get your license with Kör.
  2. Receive an SMS with activation.
  3. Download the Elton app and the discount will be applied.
  4. Start charging.

The discount is valid for 3 months and must be activated no later than two weeks after you passed your driving test. The discount cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions, and does not apply to corporate charging.

Contact us via chat in the app if you have any questions.

<3 Team Kör and Team Elton.