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Driver's license category B

What is a program?

Save money on your driving license by pre-purchasing your driving lessons
All students are drifferent
Everyone who starts their driving education at a driving school has different starting points and prerequisites. The first driving lesson at Kör is therefore used to assess your level, so that we can tailor a personal program for you with all the driving lessons you need to be ready for the practical exam! We call this lesson the intro lesson.

What does a program contain?
The program contains the number of driving lessons that the driving instructor believes you must have in order to be ready for the practical exam, including all mandatory lessons. Remember that the program assumes that you practice your driving skills privately , and practice what you and the driving instructor have gone through in the last lesson.

Get the program right in the app
After the first driving lesson, you will receive the program in the app, in addition to what it will cost. If you pay the entire program in advance, you will receive a 5% discount on the total amount. Which means you can save up to NOK 2,500.

Don't have the opportunity to pay everything at once? Split the payment over six months and still get the discount – find out more here!

We will refund you for the driving lessons you do not use
If you do not need as many lessons as those you have paid for, you will of course be reimbursed for the lessons you have not used after you have completed your training and passed your driving test.
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