Get an introduction to the Norwegian driver’s education – online course!

All the information you need to get started with the Norwegian driver's license.
As a driving school, we constantly experience that students find it difficult to understand the Norwegian driver's education and what mandatory courses they have to go through. We can easily understand why you feel that way – the driver training is quite complex in this country.
What to expect from this online course
In this course you will get information about what is required of you as a student and what you can expect from the driving school and your teacher. Maybe you're wondering why your driver's license is so expensive or why you need to take it all over again when you already got it from another country.

We have made this course to help you to find out what you need to get the Norwegian driver's license, how to do it and give you tips on how to get it in the most efficient way.

We have set aside time to answer all your questions at the end of the course.
Course agenda
  • Why do we have the driver's education (Zero vision, statistics)
  • Curriculum category B
  • Step-by-step training
  • Connection between theory and practice
  • Illegal driving schools (L-schools)
  • How to get the most out of the driver's education
  • Questions
Kristina Korneliussen
Driving instructor at Kör and course leader
Kristina is from Tysvær in Rogaland and has worked in Kör for 8 months.
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