What makes us the best choice for getting your driver's license?
You're getting your driver's license, but you don't know which driving school to choose?
We're very confident that you should choose Kör, and here are 5 reasons why:
  • You pay for what you need.
    Taking the driver's license with Kör always starts with a First Lesson at 450 NOK. This is a 90-minute lesson with an instructor in the car, so you can get to know us, and we can get to know you.

    After the first lesson, you'll have a better understanding of your level and how many driving hours you need before you're ready for the test. In our app, you can choose what you want to pay for and whether you want to go for a Basic package, which is very affordable, or a Flex package, which is more flexible. And if you buy a package, we'll give you the first lesson for free.
  • We pick you up where you are.
    When you book a driving lesson in the Kör app, you also choose where the lesson should start: at home, at school, at work, outside your favorite coffee shop, or gym. Kör is your closest driving school.
  • An app for booking, cancelling, feedback, paying, customer support, practice driving, and accessing free theory exercises.
    No phone calls, no text messages, and no paperwork. Everything is gathered in a digital universe for you (and your guardian). You can track your practice driving (and gain numerous benefits), practice theory (completely free), and all information, feedback, where you've driven, assessment of your instructor, and much more are gathered in one app.
  • Choose your preferred payment method, with the option for interest-free installment payments over 12 months.
    You can pay with us using card, Vipps, invoice, and you can also apply for interest-free installment payments for up to 12 months. We want it to be easy for you to get your driver's license.
  • The people
    Kör is the best driving school! They are a superb team with such skilled and kind staff and driving instructors who genuinely want you to succeed! I have obtained my license, and I wouldn't have managed it without Kör. I am so grateful to have had you with me on this journey; it has been so educational.
    A heartfelt thanks! 🌹
Ready to start on the road to getting your driver's license?
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Basic traffic course and all driving lessons are booked through the app.