Take a pic and win!

Take a picture of our Kör cars on Friday May 6th and win an intro lesson! We give away five intro lessons during the day.
On Friday May 6th, our instructors are going to test a new route for the "Driving on country roads" course, and there will be a lot of Kör cars on the road. We drive in the area of ​​Oslo and Nordre Follo.

Win your first driving lesson!

Take a picture of our cars as we drive past you on Friday and win intro lessons! We draw five winners during the day. You are welcome to participate on behalf of others.

Our driving route

We will drive from Quality Hotel Oslo at 10:00 am and have lunch at about 12:00 pm in Spydeberg.

This is our driving route
  • Quality Hotel 33, Oslo
  • Uno-X Sværsvann
  • Maliks Vik Bistro
  • Nesset bo- og behandlingssenter
  • YX Jaren
  • Spydeberg Torg (kl 12)
  • Solbergfossen Rest Area
  • Skjønhaug skole
  • Sollum
  • Thon Hotel Arena

Ask the instructor

While we are driving this route, the traffic instructors answer all the questions you have about traffic! You can already start sending us everything you wonder about in the chat on Instagram or tag us with the #spørtrafikklæreren. Start the message with "Ask the traffic instructor" and write your question. We will post a clip of the traffic instructors' answers during the day on insta story.

Remember; no questions are stupid!