Important information about booking your practical driving test
Last updated: 24.09.21

From October 4th, the legislation regarding booking of your practical driving test will change. We will no longer have the ability to book the driving test for you, meaning this will now be your responsibility. This is done through the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's pages. All the authorizations we have collected from you will be deleted on October 4th.

When and where can I order the driving test?
You can order a driving test after completing the reflection and summary at step 4. The driver and Vehicle Licensing Office’s you can order the test from is: Oslo, Lillestrøm, Drøbak and Billingstad.

What do I do after receiving a date for the driving test?
After you have received the date for your driving test, you must forward the confirmation you have received by e-mail to, so that we can reserve a car and teacher for you. We need a minimum of two weeks for such preparations.

It is your own responsibility to inform us of the time of your driving test.
After the driving test has been ordered, it will be difficult to change the date.

If you are not a student with us, but want to rent a car for your driving test, you must complete an assessment lesson with us first. In accordance with the Road Traffic Act §17, we are required to ensure that you have the necessary competence before we can rent out a car to you.

Please contact us if you have any questions.