Kör Trafikkskole

Half price on your first driving lesson!

Book the intro lesson by 31 July, but you can complete the class later.

Get started on your driver's license!

Use the discount code "LAPPEN23" when you book the intro lesson in the app. The discount code works in all the areas we drive in. Take a look at the areas.

How does the intro lesson work?

You will be introduced to Kör in the intro lesson. The driving instructor looks at your skills and estimates how many driving lessons you need to get ready for the practical test. The lesson lasts 90 minutes and is required for all new students.

What is so special about Kör Driving School?

We have made the way to your driver's license easier. We have developed an app where you as a student book lessons, choose a time and pick-up location, track your practice-driving, practice the theory and much more!

How does Kör work?

Download the Kör app from the App Store or Google Play. Then you book an intro lesson. You decide the time of your lesson, and will be picked up where you choose.

After the lesson, we will send you a personal program in the app that contains all the mandatory courses you must have and a number of driving lessons the traffic instructor has estimated that you need based on your level. You will also see approximately how much the driver's license will cost you in the program. Take a look at how Kör works step by step here.
Download the Kör app!
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